Get to the Future On Time…Do Differently Tomorrow!

J. Allen

Welcome to Get to the Future On Time, Do Differently Tomorrow! Find excitement in what you do and where you are headed. Focus on new transformation opportunities in your world. Our guests discuss how they discovered exciting transformation opportunities, how it was meaningful to their constituents, in their organizations, and to themselves. Understanding their successes, stumbles, regrets, and wonderful things learned in the journey. We look at exciting opportunities they see going forward. To transform, do differently, and get to the future on time. We want to help you see a path to positive excitement. Positive opportunities are always available. We need to notice them, take the first step, and examine why the burden of regret is greater than the risk of leading. Challenge you to think differently and do things differently, have more impact, and have more fun. Search for what is seen as impossible to do in your field, but if done, would be transformative.
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