Chris Stacey, Cinematographer & Viral Content Creator

RUHM Podcast with Tim Smith

Jan 30 2023 • 51 mins

Chris Stacey is no ordinary cinematographer. When not creating commercials, documentaries, and major motion pictures for the silver screen, you'll find him adding a touch of Hollywood magic to multi-million-dollar homes in Southern California.

In this episode of RUHM Podcast, Tim and Chris discuss the creative process behind making viral real estate films such as “Teach Me How to Duffy” and “Selling Sunrise”, a parody of the hit Netflix series, Selling Sunset.

The two recall their kismet meeting which led to a partnership of filming Orange County’s most expensive homes, opening their Newport-based production studio, CineNewport, and sharing a vision of shooting movies in their very own backyard.

Chris helps us explore the delicate balance between paid work and artistic pursuits, leaning into your community and skillset to make magic happen, and how film can be used effectively in today’s digital world.

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