Content Components

Patrick Bosek, Jarod Sickler, Ren Taylor

A single topic podcast made of bite-sized content strategy conversations.

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TRAILER: Content Components Podcast
SEASON 2 FINALE: Rabbit Holes, ToCs, Digital Bread Crumbs & Better Search35: Intent Is Everything In Knowledge Operations34: Knowledge Ops? Do People Really Need It? Let's Find Out33: Where to Start with Ontologies & Knowledge Graphs IRL (ft. Yanko Ivanov)32: Knowledge Graphs & Organizing Your Content (ft. Yanko Ivanov)31: Ontologies & Componentized Content 101 (ft. Yanko Ivanov)30: If You're Doing It Right, Customer Journeys Don't Really End (ft. Noz Urbina)29: Where the Customer Journey & Content as a Product Meet (ft. Noz Urbina)28: What is Customer Journey Mapping? (ft. Noz Urbina)27: Multi-Channel Publishing Gets Philosophical26: What is Multi-Channel Publishing?24: What is a Knowledge Base?25: Knowledge Bases Are Integral To Your Organization23: Content Drives Behavior22: SEASON 2 Kick Off — Heretto Origins & the Changing Content Landscape21: What Is Content Operations (ContentOps)? (You Bet There's More)20: What Is Content Operations (ContentOps)? And Why You Should Care19: What is a Component Content Management System (CCMS)? PART 2SPECIAL EPISODE: Noz & Patrick Chat OmnichannelX Conference (And Much More)18: What is a Component Content Management System (CCMS)? PART 1