Flip & Mozi's Guide to How To Be An Earthling

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Created by Tinkercast in collaboration with The Pop Ups, Flip & Mozi’s Guide to How to be an Earthling is an intergalactic musical journey that brings conservation into the conversation for kids and their grown-ups. Available every Thursday or listen ad-free and 1 week early and ad-free on Wondery+, Wondery+ Kids on Apple Podcasts, or on Amazon Music with a Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. Visit flipandmozi.com for conversation starters, book lists and activities to keep the wow rolling long after the show!

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Our Editor's Take

The Earth is a fascinating place. It's filled with fantastic creatures, unique habitats, and exciting things to learn about. But sometimes, it's easy to forget how amazing our planet is. This podcast reminds us that there is enough wonder to fill a lifetime. Flip & Mozi's Guide to How to Be an Earthling podcast is about imagining what it would be like to be an alien that hasn't seen our planet before. With so much to unearth, the adventure would be unbelievable. It would almost be like being a kid again! This podcast looks at the world through fresh, enthusiastic eyes.

Flip and Mozi are extraterrestrial beings stranded on planet Earth. As they wait for transport out of here, they discover a captivating new world. Better still, they take listeners on a wild ride with them during each episode. This quirky podcast is fun for the whole family. It's the perfect balance of entertainment and information. Flip & Mozi's Guide to How to Be an Earthling is all about recapturing childlike wonder. It makes learning about the planet a blast.

Flip & Mozi's Guide to How to Be an Earthling sparks curiosity. It even prompts important conversations. The topics covered are educational and exhilarating. Each episode is a journey from exploring passions to helping endangered species thrive. Listeners can tag along with the far-out duo as they shoot for the stars and discover how extraordinary the Earth is. It's bound to shed new light on the universe!

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