What Suffering is Not with Mother Iliana

What God is Not

Apr 13 2022 • 1 hr 11 mins

This week we continue our "Meet the Nun" series with Mother Iliana! Mother Iliana talks about suffering and sickness, and how we encounter God in our suffering. She also talks about visiting the sick and how allowing others to visit you when you're sick helps them fulfill Jesus' command to visit the sick.

Mother Iliana wrote a blog post about her reactions to the war in Ukraine and recognizing that Jesus is with her and the people in Ukraine. It's a worthwhile read and a good bookend to what you'll listen to in today's episode.

Matt 25: 31-46
Romans 8:28
Mother Teresa - movie shot by Sir Richard Attenborough on Mother Teresa
The Hiding Place by Corri ten Boom
Always Good by Andrew Peterson

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