Bingo! You Probably Own More Than the Market | Series 7.7

Enjoy More 30s: Family Finance

Apr 18 2022 • 8 mins

When you hear news about "the market", how much is actually applicable to your investments? Goal statement: I better understand what they mean when they say 'the market', and how that actually relates to my investments. (01:42) When you hear about the market on TV, most people's reaction is either "Oh no", when it does, something bad when it goes down or "Great! Yes", when it goes up. However, they are not talking about your specific investment. (03:10) We could break this down, in fact, much further because out of your stock piece, maybe it isn't all in the S&P 500 maybe part of the equity or the stock pieces in real estate funds, maybe foreign funds, maybe small cap funds, small company funds, which are all different than the S&P 500. (05:51) Quote for the episode: "Basically, just look down at your bingo card that is your investment account and make sure, before you get worried, that it is actually matching what's on your card." (06:53) Securities offered through TFS Securities, Inc., and Advisory Services through TFS Advisory Services, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor Member FINRA/SIPC. TFS Securities, Inc., is located at 437 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738 (732) 758-9300.