Enjoy More 30s: Family Finance

Joseph P. Okaly

Young families receive little to no personal finance help. We all grow up to have jobs and money, yet our education system focuses on Shakespeare and Algebra. Even professional advice can be hard to come by, with the majority of the industry chasing retirees and existing wealth. Joe Okaly's podcast is aiming to change this, providing personal financial advice geared specifically to professionals with young families. This podcast is dedicated to making life more enjoyable for young families, by hitting on the financial topics that tend to weigh on us, stress us out, and distract our focus from simply enjoying life. Joseph P Okaly is a CFP Certified Financial Advisor who fits directly in with who this podcast is focused on - a young professional with a family. With over a decade of experience as an advisor, there is passion and knowledge to make a difference. Securities offered through TFS Securities, Inc., Advisory Services through TFS Advisory Services, a SEC Registered Investment Advisor Member FINRA / SIPC. TFS Securities, Inc. located at 437 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738 (732) 758-9300.

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Getting married? Important topics to cover during the engagement phase! So you both need to have some idea goals wise of what direction that you're going in. (07:45) Going deeper into that about how you're looking at your finances, when you guys are, you know, starting on your journey to have a life together, you're one family, and you know, having one family, it's important to look at things and goals jointly because they are joint. (12:59) You know there are things that money has touched already in your life, that if you have discussions on like, why you wound up where you are with some of those things, you can start to piece together a little bit of what their baseline personality might be when it comes to money. (18:19) ...when you're young, the most important thing is just make sure that you're saving some part towards yourself. (22:47) And one of the biggest mistakes that they make is not having enough protection for themselves. (41:30) Quote of the episode: "...wherever you are right now you're starting off in your life, just forgive yourself for anything you may not know, you're not uncommon, you know, most people were not taught anything. So what you can do today, wherever you may be, is take that step forward." (43:07) ℹ️ All about Dave here: https://linktr.ee/chaplaindave?fbclid=IwAR3QOkxKkhIxpBM3YIa4FUepPI6qFkGmyKwmpJtE6_gny5EP8baV5_GzNDg (https://linktr.ee/chaplaindave) Securities offered through TFS Securities, Inc., and Advisory Services through TFS Advisory Services, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor Member FINRA/SIPC. TFS Securities, Inc., is located at 437 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738 (732) 758-9300.
Feb 28 2022
44 mins
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