Bruce Daisley on purpose, resilience and the key to hybrid communications success

Delete Delete Engage

Jun 8 2022 • 1 hr 10 mins

Bruce Daisley led Twitter in Europe for 12 years and is a bestselling author, podcaster and an expert on the subject of workplace culture.

He's a fascinating guest who shares his views and insights on life as a tech leader and the future of work in a frank and elegant way.

During our chat we covered topics like…

(05:45) The importance of humour in the workplace…

(15.55) Why preparation and practice is more important than natural charisma. And why Tony Blair is a better communicator than Keir Starmer.

(22.22) How a well rehearsed presentation got Bruce his job at Twitter

(29.33)Successful comms in a hybrid world.

(37.45) Why the Netflix culture document is a blueprint for burnout.

(41:12) The impact on culture and wellbeing when teams grow over 100 people.

(45:44) What culture can all learn from the US basketball

(49.44) The traits of great managers and why warmth is a huge team asset.

(53.01) Disruptive views on corporate purpose, resilience and growth mindset.

(1.05.49) Why resilience is about we not me and what we can learn from Jurgen Klopp.

I loved every minute of my chat with Bruce and there’s plenty here to challenge what you thought you knew about culture and engagement. Enjoy the podcast!

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