12. Debunking Archaic Beliefs/Methods Used In The Equestrian Industry Cos Its 2021 And We Can Do Better

Equestrian Perspective

Apr 1 2021 • 1 hr 3 mins

Listen in to hear my thoughts on some archaic beliefs and methods used in the equestrian industry that for the most part I think don't make any sense....

Let's face it...its 2021 and we can do better and be better for both ourselves and our horses :)

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I'll be diving into sharing my opinion on the below:

  • Just get on and ride! Get back on the horse!
  • Show them who’s boss!
  • Move their feet!
  • Wet/sweaty saddle blankets will make them calm down!
  • Don’t feed your horse treats, they’ll turn into a monster
  • Using R+ doesn’t mean your horse wants to be with you, you’re just luring them
  • If your horse follows you it means they’re respectful, if they turn your bum to you it means they’re not
  • Bucking it out when saddling
  • They just need more miles!
  • More lunging! More working down!
  • You need years of experience to be able to work with a “difficult” horse
  • You can’t just learn good feel
  • You’re too soft with your horse
  • Your horse needs a job
  • They can’t just be a paddock ornament
  • Don’t let them get away with it!
  • Tie them up all day, that’ll teach them some manners
  • Tongue over the bit or chomping? Just tighten the noseband
  • Hold the lead rope tight at all times
  • Desensitising is bad!
  • If they bite you just hit them back!
  • Growl at them if they are playing up!
  • Negative reinforcement is bad
  • Rope halters are the best/the worst
  • Bits vs bitless

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