#82 - Steptember Q&A 3.2 - Candy Addiction, Best Exercise for Weight Loss, Dealing With Stress, and More..

Talking Nutrition

Oct 19 2023 • 39 mins

This week's bonus episode is part 2 of the Steptember Challenge: 'Week 3: Ask Me Anything' Zoom Q&A session.

Johan answers questions about muscle gain, fat loss, growth mindset, dealing with stress and burnout, supplements, the best form of exercise for weight loss, and much more.

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0:00 Introduction
1:47 Having SOME candy without having to feel guilty about it
4:42 Small meals to 'stoke' the metabolic fire?
7:37 Is fasting daily good for women?
10:13 What to do if your mindset is holding you back
15:19 Sustainable fat loss
16:26 Muscle gain if you're 50+
17:40 Why Johan became a coach
19:28 Vitamin D supplementation
19:52 Growth mindset
21:17 Can you compensate a lack of sleep by taking naps?
24:18 Biggest regret & biggest win
26:32 Should you take breaks from taking Creatine?
27:28 Dealing with burnouts
30:10 How to include more protein in your breakfast
31:00 Is it normal to feel tired and lazy during a cut?
32:54 Go-to meals & the effects of stress
35:22 Is glutamine a good supplement?
36:36 Best exercise for weight loss

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