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Life after college is hard. Even a great experience with your InterVarsity chapter won't shield you from the challenges of transition. After IV is a podcast designed for InterVarsity alumni to hear the stories of other alumni and learn to navigate this world together. read less
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E100: Celebrating 100 Episodes of After IV: A Top 10 Countdown!
1w ago
E100: Celebrating 100 Episodes of After IV: A Top 10 Countdown!
100 EPISODES!!This week, we celebrate the 100th episode of After IV! Enjoy a countdown of the Top 10 most popular episodes from the last 3 years along with some commentary from Jon and a returning guest, Steve Baty (Jon's bestie). And stay tuned until the end for a very exciting announcement for InterVarsity Alumni!Thanks so much to all of our listeners, guests, and supporters for three years and 100 episodes of After IV! Alumni, it is a huge honor to walk through this post-graduation season with you.Here's to the next 100!LINKS TO FULL EPISODES FROM THE TOP 10:#10 - E1: Eunice from U of M Duluth (Apple, Spotify)#9 - E51: Making Space for Hospitality with Mike and Annie Zientara (Apple, Spotify)#8 - E26: Why Lent? with Jason Gaboury (Apple, Spotify)#7 - E45: Get to Know Your Urbana 22 Emcee with Anna Lee-Winans (Apple, Spotify)#6 - E94: Faith, Courage, and a Much-Needed Hug: Persevering When Community is Hard to Find with Corryn Sams (Apple, Spotify)#5 - E87: From Gap Year to Volunteer: Why Failure Should Always with Linda Lopez (Apple, Spotify)#4 - E41: A Visit From the President with Tom Lin (Apple, Spotify)#3 - E74: Rollercoasters, Fairytales & Waiting in Line: When Alumni Life is a Walk in the (Theme) Park with Betsy Bourne (Apple, Spotify)#2 - E93: But What ACTUALLY Happened?: 5 Months Post-Graduation with Nolan Groninger (Apple, Spotify)#1 - E72: I’m A Rocket Man!: Following Jesus as a NASA Rocket Scientist with Anson Koch (Apple, Spotify)HAS AFTER IV BLESSED YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW? OR DO YOU JUST LOVE INTERVARSITY AND ALUMNI MINISTRY?Support After IVEXCITED TO HEAR STORIES OF GOD'S WORLD-CHANGING WORK THROUGH ALUMNI LIKE YOU?Support the InterVarsity World Changers podcastSTAY IN TOUCHSocials: @afterivpodLeave us a message on SpeakPipeJoin our Email List (Join here Spotify users: our Website ★ Support this podcast ★