Luminous Spiritual Meditation

Pastor Randall Crawford Sr.

Spiritual meditation is a practice that allows you to become more aware of your inner self. In turn, it can help you unlock your spiritual side enabling you to think and feel more effectively in your everyday life. Through spiritual meditation, you can get closer to God by removing the influence of the flesh and its selfish ways. Pastor Randall Crawford Sr. will be your guide throughout providing valuable biblical passages that will give you a newfound clarity of mind and unlock the hidden power that has been dormant inside you. Spiritual meditation is a personal and spiritual journey with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that is healing, forgiving, and uplifting to your inner self. The daily action of meditating on God’s word can positively impact your external life and the people you encounter, as stated in the Bible. If you are searching for peace, joy, or love, spiritual meditation is what you need. Access guided meditation, sleep stories, and and affirmations.

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