Leadership in post Covid19 Economy

The Payal Nanjiani Leadership Podcast

Nov 16 2020 • 36 mins

Interview with Sabyasachi Dutta -Managing Director.

In this episode, I am excited to talk with Sabyasachi Dutta,  who heads the Indian operation of a Scotland HQ company. Armed with wide experience in various leadership roles spanning more than two decades, Sabyasachi has successfully led diverse Indian and global organizations' multi-million dollar businesses in the past. His expertise lies in startups (led two global companies entry in India) and Turning-around ailing businesses.

In this episode Sabyasachi talks about Leadership in post Covid19 economy,  what does it take to be a leader in the new economy, and much more.

Sabyasachi can be reached on www.linkedin.com/in/sabyasachi-dutta and on  Twitter: @sabyasachidutta).