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Wellness isn’t just about mindfulness, exercise, or the right skin routine. Science, politics, media, culture, tech — everything around us — interact to shape our health. On America Dissected, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed cuts into what really makes us sick — be it racism, corporate greed, or snake oil influencers — and what it'll take to heal it. From for-profit healthcare to ineffective sunscreens, America Dissected cuts deeper into the state of health in America. New episodes every Tuesday. Want to know where to start? Here are some fan-favorite episodes to search: Cannabis Capitalism with David Jernigan Weight Weight Don’t Tell me with Harriett Brown Black Scientists Matter with Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett. read less

Our Editor's Take

Intriguing yet sometimes shocking, America Dissected is an informative podcast. There seem to be a considerable amount of wellness trends. But what's the actual cost of all this? Also, what other factors impact Americans' health that aren't so obvious? These questions-and more-are what America Dissected is about. It'll give answers to the stuff that's really making people sick. Plus, it addresses how to combat it.

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed is the host of America Dissected. Broadly, he fits the description of a physician, educator, epidemiologist, and podcast host. So he is knowledgeable in many fields. Every week, he raises a new topic. It could be weight loss with Dr. Shauna Levy. Or he might discuss making resolutions stick with Katy Milkman. The podcast gives plenty of time to examine the issue in depth. But it still leaves listeners wanting more.

A little confronting at times, it sheds light on the state of health in America. It would be remiss to assume this podcast focuses only on healthcare. The host discusses health issues like long-term sun exposure with Amanda Mull. He continues with health policies, like high insurance costs with Ellen Haun. The show also touches on subjects in politics, world events, science, culture, and more. It's a mixed bag of issues on the America Dissected podcast. But in the end, all impact the health of Americans.

The America Dissected podcast is fascinating. It offers an enlightening breakdown of the big things impacting the country's health. Listeners will learn about everything from organ transplants to vision. Whatever the topic, it's about to undergo a dissection!

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