The Cloudcast #336 - The Evolving Role of Cloud Communities

The Cloudcast

Mar 1 2018 • 28 mins

Brian talks with Amy Lewis (@commsninja, Director Influence Marketing @VMware, Co-Host @Siftspod podcast) about the change dynamics of tech communities, how people self-select into new communities (or channels), the changing rules of IT buying, whether techies needs some business skills, and tips/tricks for mentoring the next generation.

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Show Notes
  • Topic 1 - Introduction of Amy, what’s new, blah, blah, blah...
  • Topic 2 - The world has become a fragmented place; people find their safe “communities”. We can sort of do that in tech, but not as much because people change jobs more now. What’s your State of the Union for tech communities these days?
  • Topic 3 - Are you seeing the interactions with communities change (good or bad) as the rules within tech change - open source, public cloud, work in the office, etc..?
  • Topic 4 - We talked for a while, to technical communities, about “moving up the stack”, where the stack was all technology. Do you think we should be talking more about “moving across the cubicles” from technical awareness to business awareness?
  • Topic 5 - As you’ve moved around and upwards, you’re now mentoring people within the industry. Any success stories to share, or tips & tricks that might relate well to a newer generation, or just someone making a new change?