S1E1 "Meet Cute, Flood Hot" (EXPLICIT)


Dec 20 2020 • 29 mins

“Meet/Cute Flood/Hot”

Evie Dresden’s car-trouble-in-a-thunderstorm-inspired bad day gets marginally better when a deep-voiced dreamboat offers his assistance. The kismet is obvious – and instantaneous; so much so that he asks her to dinner. Shit like this does not happen to Evie, so what’s the catch?

Bawdcast contains adult language, adult themes, and adult content. It is intended for mature audiences.

SEASON CONTENT WARNING: PTSD, references to trauma related to fire, depictions of trauma related to fire, depictions of emotional and mental abuse in flashback form, discussion of emotional and mental abuse, and discussion of misappropriated kink practices.

EPISODE-SPECIFIC CONTENT WARNING: Brief discussion of trauma related to misappropriated kink practices, adult language, and adult content.

On a more positive note, we would also like to offer the following disclaimer: Bawdcast contains scenes of graphic sexuality and safe kink praxis. If you’re interested in learning more about kink and the BDSM lifestyle, you can follow us here for supplemental educational materials, or you can head to the web. Please: research activities before you try them, and as always, keep it safe, sane, and consensual.

This episode of Bawdcast was adapted by Harper Mitchell, directed by Malissa Petterson, and engineered by Viktor Petterson. Bawdcast is produced by Malissa and Viktor Petterson. Additional production support provided by John Siewert.


J. Dale Gardner as Evie Dresden

Warren Edwards as Kaleb Finn

Karen E. Horns as Ruthie Peregrine

Stacey Garbarski as Tessa Flowers

Niall Harvey as Sexton Hardcastle

Matthew Korda as Joshua Wendell

And HJ Farr as Nat Wendell

Foley and sound provided by Viktor and Malissa Petterson, Heather Renken, and John Siewert.

Original score composed and produced by Roxy Winter.

Episode photo by Malissa Petterson.

Bawdcast is adapted from the novel Threshold by Harper Mitchell.

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