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Judy Rodman

Interested in tips, techniques and career advice for singers and speakers? In All Things Vocal Podcast, vocal coach and music industry veteran Judy Rodman uses her vast experience on 'both sides of the glass' to give vocal tips, techniques and advice that can quickly improve the health, control and communicative impact of the voice. She also interviews professional singers, speakers, and industry insiders who share insights for serious vocal careers. Judy's chat with such experts as music industry coach Rick Barker, artist development mentor Laura Monaco Martinez, classical coach Mark Thress, voiceover trainer Susan Berkley and business coach Denise Wakeman reveal actionable insider secrets that can make all the difference to vocal career success. This podcast is for anyone interested in the voice, from beginners to professional stage and studio singers, speakers, voice specialists and audio production teams. Subscribe today and don't miss an episode!
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