6 Rings and Football Things


Andy Hart and Nick "Fitzy" Stevens bring you detailed coverage from inside the Patriots huddle. A fresh perspective on the games, storylines, and personalities on the field, in the front office, and around the NFL. Brought to you by WEEI and Audacy. New episodes drop weekly. read less

Our Editor's Take

Andy Hart and Nick Stevens offer New England Patriots fans a compelling experience on 6 Rings and Football Things. Hart, with his credible experience in radio, and Stevens, a longtime Patriots fan, started this podcast journey. Together, the duo offers daily coverage of the team, and the NFL, in a fun and friendly manner.

Most Boston sports fans know Hart from his reporting role at WEEI, a top sports radio station in the city. Stevens is a host at the station and is also known as Fitzy. That alter ego is a rabid New England sports fan, much like Stevens. They share their passion and knowledge on the 6 Rings and Football Things podcast. At its core, the show is an enjoyable chat between two friends who love football. The title comes from the Patriots' six Super Bowl titles.

6 Rings and Football Things has had its previous hosts. The list includes Ryan Hannable, Mike Kadlick, and Chris Scheim. Yet, the change in hosting personnel has not affected the podcast’s appeal. It still keeps listeners amused with its relaxed, conversational tone. The charm of the podcast lies in its casual style, combined with the hosts' football knowledge.

The sports podcast releases fresh content on a daily basis. It keeps football enthusiasts updated and entertained. Listeners get a detailed analysis of what's happening in the world of the Patriots. They address the situation between Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft, and why they parted ways. They also touch on the organization's draft strategies and other offseason activity. Overall, Hart and Stevens position their show as the destination for Patriots fans.

Since airing in 2021, the 6 Rings and Football Things podcast has grown popular. Its lively mix of professional insight and relaxed chatter attracts listeners. Hart and Stevens keep the atmosphere light and entertaining, ensuring an exciting experience for all NFL fans. They make the effort to discuss the Pats in relation to the NFL’s AFC East as a whole. The podcast has a special spot in the sports podcast genre and connects well with Patriots fans.

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