How Many People Have Actually Died From COVID Vaccine - May 2022

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Jun 13 2022 • 31 mins

Censored from corporate media.  Best CDC sources on closest estimates of actual COVID vaccine deaths in the US since 2020. 140K - 1.4 million. No discussion of this subject permitted anywhere. No dialog of experts permitted online. Subscribe and share. Don't know if this will last.


1. Pfizer COVID vaccine,-2021/general-public-comment-submission.pdf.aspx

2. Andrew Kaufman MD
3.Thomas Cowan MD Vaccines Revealed video lectures

4. CDC: mRNA vaccines
5. video $5000 reward for proof of COVID diagnosis

6. RFK: CDC’s May 2022 report of recent VAERS statistics:

7. 1,268,000 adverse events from COVID vaccine reported from Dec 2020 to May 2022

8. CDC: Selected Adverse Events Reported after COVID-19 Vaccination

9. O’Shea, T - textbook: Vaccination is not immunization
10. Kessler, D MDA new approach to reporting adverse effects
Journal of the American Medical Assn vol.269,No.21, p.2785 2 Jun 1993
11. Kessler, D, MDA Question of Intent PublicAffairs/Perseus2001.

12. Stew Peters interview Albert Benavides: The Hijacking of the VAERS Database.

13. Kim Iverson: Pfizer FOIA request vaccine death statistics

14. Pfizer documents lawsuit

15. Pfizer documents on COVID vaccine deaths
16. DiStefano The immune system

17. VAERS Data Show New Deaths, Injuries After COVID Vaccines, Bigtree, Del The high wire

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