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After Hours Entrepreneur with Mark Savant

Nov 6 2023 • 27 mins

Adrian Knight is the founder and CEO of Spectacular Group, a children's education group that educates over 10,000 under-5-year-olds each academic term.

Adrian has built Spectacular Group entirely through acquisition and integration, going from a standing start to multi-million revenue within 24 months. Additionally, Adrian is an endurance athlete and adventurer... he has ran/cycled/kayaked across Scotland, participated in a 3-day multi-discipline endurance event in the Arctic Circle, and is due to compete in the Spartan World Championships (in Sparta, Greece) in November and trek across Panama in March.

Welcome to another episode of "After Hours Entrepreneur." In today's episode, we dive into the changing landscape of education and how technology is shaping the future of learning. Our guest, Adrian Knight, shares his journey in building Spectacular Group, a company that provides integrated learning experiences for children, parents, and schools. With over 10,000 enrolled kids under five, Spectacular Group is disrupting the education industry and addressing the staggering literacy rates among American children. Join us as we explore the importance of early childhood education, the role of technology, and the human touch in shaping our children's future. Stay tuned for an insightful conversation ahead.


  • The Importance of Early Childhood Education
  • Concerns and Challenges in Education
  • Spectacular Group and its Approach to Education
  • Human Touch vs. AI in Education
  • Challenges during COVID-19 Lockdowns


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