CHRIS PANAGIOTU - 7 Biggest Financial Mistakes Business Owners Make

After Hours Entrepreneur with Mark Savant

Oct 2 2023 • 40 mins

Chris Panagiotu is the founder of the financial planning firm CAPitalize Your Finances, the podcast CAPitalize Your Finances, and the author of CAPitalize Your Finances: The How-To Financial Framework That Takes You from Compoundingly Clueless to Monetarily Magnificent. His mission is to give highly driven individuals the framework to understand what needs to be done with their money for the rest of their lives.

In this episode, we delve into seven common mistakes that entrepreneurs make. Chris emphasizes watching out for these mistakes in particular: failure to emphasize the significance of assembling a strong team, including a CPA and a business attorney, while pointing out the timing for financial planners. The importance of avoiding excessive minutia and focusing on income generation is crucial.

Chris stresses the value of a full schedule and effective time management and underscores the need to understand ROI and make strategic investments. Chris cautions against overeager sales tactics in favor of building genuine client relationships. Chris warns against complacency after initial success.

Last but not least is capital misuse and the importance of prudent reinvestment. In conclusion, Mark and Chris advocate for a visionary, disciplined approach to entrepreneurship, emphasizing continual improvement and commitment to the entrepreneurial journey.


  1. Lack of a Strong Team
  2. Getting Lost in Minutia
  3. Not Filling the Schedule
  4. Not Understanding Return on Investment (ROI)
  5. Overeager Sales Tactics
  6. Taking the Foot off the Gas Too Soon
  7. Misusing Capital








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