JULES DAN - Email Marketing with AI - Sell More!

After Hours Entrepreneur with Mark Savant

Oct 30 2023 • 23 mins

Jules Dan is an email marketer who is currently traveling the world with a close knit community. He is avid about the power of Chat GPT and AI to grow your email list and close more sales.

In today's episode, Jules Dan explains how to generate more sales with email marketing with AI. We dive into the power of email in building and nurturing relationships with your audience, and how AI can be integrated into the process saving tons of time and money. Jules shares how email marketing using AI can convert into long-term profits.

We discuss the best strategies for building a profitable email list, including leveraging podcasts to piggyback off someone's authority and credibility. Jules also addresses the debate on buying email lists versus building trust organically.

Lastly, we explore the crucial aspects of crafting engaging email content and attracting prospects to your offers. Tune in to learn how to take your email marketing to the next level with AI and maximize your business's potential. Let's get started!


  • The Role of AI in Email Marketing
  • Building a Profitable Email List
  • Lead Generation vs Nurturing Relationships
  • Automation and Sequencing in Email Marketing
  • Content Strategy for Email Marketing

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