Ep. 157 | Attacked by a Karen | Screwed by your company | Alexa could sound like a dead relative

DeHuff Uncensored

Jun 28 2022 • 32 mins

I came face-to-face with a "Karen" as it attacked my son and me.

Kevin Ford has worked for Burger King for 27 years without missing a day. To say thank you, the company gave him a goody bag of random crap. We discuss how companies tend to overlook their employees and slap them in the face.

A man broke the law, then hid from police. Where? A giant pile of cow poop.

Juju Ferrari is a Brazilian influencer on Instagram, and she's running for election. If she wins, she wants free penis enlargement surgery for all that want/need it.

Amazon Alexa could soon use the voice of your dead relative.