Ferment Radio

Aga Pokrywka

Welcome to Ferment Radio, a podcast series on micro and macro transformations. Fermentation can incite social action, spark creativity, and bring surprising new tastes to our lives. My name is Aga Pokrywka and I invite you to join us in a conversation on living interconnectivities: from macro to micro, from societal to cellular, and from global to personal.

#24: Breaking the taboo around bacteria and vaginas (a conversation with Giulia Tomasello)#23: Afro futuristic conscious cooking (with Njathi Kabui)#22: Microbes and other shamanic beings (with César E. Giraldo Herrera)#21: Turning ocean problems into possibilities (with Mari Granström)#20: Play that fungi music! (with Tosca Terán)#19: Microbes, bodies, and politics (with Stefanie Fishel)#18: Spirulina for all (with Anya Muangkote)#17: It’s alive!!! (with Adrien Rigobello)#16: The unpredictables (with Sarah Lloyd)#15: Waiting for time to do its job (with Andrew Gryf Paterson)#14: There are no simple solutions for complex problems (with Aviaja Hauptmann)#13: How much of our survival depends on consumption? (with Zayaan Khan)#12: Sourdough is a snapshot of a moment (with Karl de Smedt)#11: Gentle transformations (with Eva Bakkeslett)#10: Pure, or not pure (with Stephanie Maroney)#9: Thinking of difference, differently (with Deboleena Roy)#8: Fermenting Feminism (with Lauren Fournier)#7: Fermenting our way out of trouble (with Maya Hey)#6: I wish I had superpowers to see microbes (with Maya Hey)#5: Interspecies collaborations (with Mindaugas Gapševičius)