S01.09 Larry Starr on How To Listen To Dylan's Time Out Of Mind


Oct 7 2022 • 26 mins

How do you listen to Bob Dylan? What do you listen for? Larry Starr is an emeritus professor of music history at the University of Washington, and the author of Listening to Bob Dylan. It's a book that answers the question you might not have thought to ever ask.

The book talks about the 'musicality' of Dylan, and shares ways to understand the devices he uses in his work - melody, harmony, coloring, tone, repetition, silence, sequencing, and many others. In this conversation Larry talks about these items in terms of Time Out Of Mind. For listeners and fans who aren't musicians, it offers new ways to understand and appreciate the work of Bob Dylan.

Mr. Starr also wrote a book on George Gershwin, and on American Popular Music from Minstrelsy to MP3 - and he’s a lifelong Bob Dylan fan.

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Listening To Bob Dylan (Book at Amazon)

Q&A With Larry Starr


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