Thriving In Menopause

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At Prevention we know how confusing and truly overwhelming the changes caused by menopause can be. That’s why we’ve enlisted some of Australia’s best health experts to share simple ways to make midlife easier in our new podcast, Thriving in Menopause. We cover it all, from minimising those awful hot flushes, to easing mad-eyed mood swings, to managing sudden weight shifts, to handling your relationship. If you’re a woman in midlife, this series just for you!
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Season 2 - A sneak preview!
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A subtle, progressive shift in our hormones can start as early as our late 30s, and it creates a raft of changes in our body and our brain. While it’s different for every woman, this can include mood swings, migraines, depression, loss of confidence and feeling like you’re not yourself anymore. Author and fitness coach Amanda Thebe dubs it the ‘Menopocalypse’. In this episode Amanda describes her harrowing journey through perimenopause, from her debilitating symptoms to how she behaved with her family (badly), and how she was able to claim back control, shed the symptoms and regain her confidence. It’s an inspiring story with many useful lessons for anyone who thinks they may be going (just a little bit) crazy during menopause. RESOURCES Find a doctor near you who has a special interest in helping women through menopause via the Australasian Menopause Society: https://www.menopause.org.au/health-info/find-an-ams-doctor Use a symptom tracker:  Download this resource  by the Australasian Menopause Society to keep a record of the type, frequency and duration of your symptoms before speaking to your doctor, so they can determine the best treatment for you: https://www.menopause.org.au/images/stories/education/docs/AMS_Diagnosing_Menopause_Symptom_score_sheet_2015.pdf Or try this friendly website with its free app lets you record your symptoms on your phone. It's based in the UK, but let's face it, menopause is universal: https://www.balance-menopause.com/ Amanda Thebe's Facebook group is called Menopausing So Hard. Get Amanda's book Menopocalypse through Prevention's book club - just paste this link: https://www.booktopia.com.au/prevention/promo3538.html?irclickid=xwJ3vh2KPxyIW6D2YnW0fUvaUkBXf1z6TR8Pys0&bk_source=2713656&bk_source_id=2713656&irgwc=1&utm_campaign=Nextmedia&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=Impact See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Oct 17 2021
30 mins
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