The lowdown on weight gain and belly fat

Thriving In Menopause

Nov 10 2020 • 36 mins

Why do so many of us notice weight creeping on - especially around our belly - during menopause? In this episode,  Dr Joanna McMillan, leading nutrition scientist, author and creator of Get Lean, explains why our metabolism slows down. And she discusses why belly fat can be risky for our overall health, compared with 'bingo wings' and the other places we may have discovered added padding. Dr Joanna guides us through how to curb weight gain without 'dieting'. She shares a range of simple 'tweaks' to your daily food choices and lifestyle habits, that will not only loosen that tight waist band, but can lead to feeling more energised, ease brain fog and boost your happiness. CREDITS  Host: Andrea Duvall. Producer: Lizza Gebilagin. WANT MORE?  Visit preventionaus.com.au See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.