#50 For Better or For Worse Almost Killed Her - PART 1

Big Lash Energy - Heartbreak, Healing and Hair flips!

Apr 19 2023 • 25 mins

“Is it enough?…Is this enough disrespect or do you need it to get worse?” Sometimes, unfortunately, we need it to get much worse.  In this three part series, Jayna tells the unbelievable story of what happened when Sarah, one of her past brides, ignored all the red flags and watched as her situation got worse and worse. Her tale of love and loss will have you shook and asking yourself  “where would I have drawn the line?”.  This time in Sarah’s life is living proof that when you ignore all of the signs, you’ll end up at the wrong destination.

Listen in to hear what she went through, the wild things she forgave and most importantly, what she learned from it all.

Covered in this episode:

  • Personal Journals
  • Relationship Issues
  • Personal cheater stories
  • Marriage problems
  • Memory Loss
  • Contracting a sexuality transmitted infection
  • Warning signs in a relationship
  • Online Dating
  • Dating with an STI
  • Wedding stories
  • Disrespectful behaviour
  • How far is too far?

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