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CJ Williams

Welcome to "Show Up Better," a podcast about content.
Our host, and podcast producer, CJ Williams, brings on guests to dive into their online tactics for attracting clients and customers to grow their brands.

In each episode, we bring you captivating interviews with industry-leading entrepreneurs, marketers, and creative minds who have harnessed the true potential of content to drive their businesses forward. Our guests are trailblazers in their respective fields, and they generously share their insights, experiences, and practical tips to inspire and guide you on your own content journey.

Discover the secrets behind crafting compelling narratives, leveraging various content formats, and deploying effective distribution strategies. Uncover the art of storytelling, find out what makes content truly engaging, and learn how to connect with your target audience on a profound level.

Whether you're a seasoned content creator or just starting out, "Show Up Better" equips you with actionable knowledge to create content that captivates, educates, and converts. Explore the innovative tactics our guests employ to cut through the noise, build meaningful relationships with their customers, and grow their businesses.

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Unlock Your Event's Full Potential with Comprehensive Event Video Coverage
Apr 3 2024
Unlock Your Event's Full Potential with Comprehensive Event Video Coverage
In this episode of Show Up Better, we delve into the world of video coverage for conferences, unpacking the secrets to capturing the magic and extending its reach.Host: CJ WilliamsRead the article: Key Takeaways:How a comprehensive video package can elevate your conference experience and generate lasting value.Pre-event video strategies to build excitement and encourage registration.Capturing the essence of the conference with multi-camera coverage and captivating B-roll footage.Curating and packaging impactful post-event video content for different audiences.Pre-Event Video Powerhouse (5 minutes):Save-the-Date Announcement:Script Template (consider including):Catchy opening line to grab attention.Essential details: Date, location, theme.Call to action: Encourage early registration.Pro Tip: Keep it short, visually engaging (15-30 seconds).Promo Videos:Types to Consider: Past conference highlights, speaker testimonials, venue showcase.Music & Sound Design: Set the mood and energy level.Call to Action: Direct viewers to the conference website or registration page.Speaker Spotlight Interviews:Benefits: Humanize the conference, introduce expertise, highlight specific sessions.Interview Tips: Prepare engaging questions, encourage speakers to share insights.Capturing the Conference Buzz (7 minutes):Multi-Camera Coverage:Importance: Capture different angles of presentations, panels, and audience interaction.Equipment Considerations: Cameras, microphones, tripods (consider back-up equipment).B-Roll Footage: Don't Underestimate the Power of "In-Between" Moments:Capture the conference environment: Attendees networking, exhibitor booths, venue atmosphere.Pro Tip: B-roll adds visual variety and tells a complete conference story.Live Streaming (Optional):Benefits: Cater to virtual attendees, expand reach.Considerations: Technical expertise, bandwidth requirements, platform selection.Post-Event Video Magic: Extending the Legacy (8 minutes):Content Curation & Editing:Selecting the most impactful moments: Highlight key takeaways, speaker quotes, audience reactions.Editing Techniques: Use transitions, music, and graphics to create a compelling narrative.Types of Post-Event Videos:Conference Highlights Reel:Target Audience: Social media platforms, website content.Length: Short and engaging (2-3 minutes).Session Recordings:Value Proposition: Offer in-depth content for attendees who missed specific talks.Distribution Options: Paid add-on, exclusive membership benefit.Testimonial Videos:Feature satisfied attendees praising the conference.Benefits: Showcase value for future promotional campaigns.Delivery & Distribution Options:Upload videos to client's website and social media platforms.Dedicated Conference Video Library (Optional): Offer paid access to a comprehensive collection.Call to Action:Download our free "Conference Video Planning Checklist" to get started on your video strategy.visit the website: www.podcasttitans.comFollow me in Instagram
Coaching Session: Recovering From Major Failures and Setbacks in Business
Jun 29 2023
Coaching Session: Recovering From Major Failures and Setbacks in Business
Welcome to the first episode of Show Up Better! This first episode happens to be a content coaching session. In it I meet and speak with a friend, and client, Lillie Norfleet. Lillie is the co-founder of FindHer KeepHer shoe line.Watch a segment of this episode on YouTubeI've had the pleasure of working with Lillie to create social media and YouTube content, as well as a podcast. So having the content hasn't been an issue. But Lillie as been struck by several big setbacks in her personal life as well as her business.  These setbacks have lead to delays with launching her shoe line.Her biggest now issue is what direction she should go in with her content as she recovers from the setbacks. She is unsure about how much of her story and recent struggles she should share with the world as content.Not only do I suggest sharing everything she can that makes sense, but I also share the story of my biggest failure as a video producer and how I'm working to recover from it. By sharing this with her, she begins to understand that she is not the only entrepreneur going through some really tough times. And that some of her best content for growing her brand might be sharing her ugliest the video in your own video podcast? Visit my website www.ptmediapros.comVisit Lillie's website www.shopfindherkeepher.comvisit the website: www.podcasttitans.comFollow me in Instagram