Jeremy Galante on ClickUp’s Journey to 2 Million Monthly Visitors, Exploring Content Formats, and Influencing LLMs with the Surround Sound Method


Jan 24 2024 • 41 mins

Join Nate Matherson as he sits down with Jeremy Galante for the thirty-fourth episode of the Optimize podcast. Jeremy is currently the SEO Lead at ClickUp, where he applies his passion for optimization to both organic search and project workflows. Since joining as the first full-time SEO hire in 2020, ClickUp has grown search traffic by over 2 million monthly visitors. With ten years in the industry, Jeremy‘s previous experiences span from agency director to adjunct marketing instructor. In our episode today, Jeremy and Nate discuss content strategy and optimization, including crafting the perfect listicle, managing in-context internal linking, creating quality content, optimizing content, and more! During the episode, Nate and Jeremy review ClickUp’s journey to over 2 million monthly visitors, revealing strategies you can utilize on your sites. In this week’s deep dive, Jeremy and Nate break down content formats, including listicles and roundups like best-of lists, product/service alternatives, and comparison pages. Listen to Jeremy’s “Surround Sound” strategy for building backlinks, influencing LLMs, developing brand authority, and expanding your audience. Rounding out the episode, Jeremy covers the challenges and strategies in scaling content channels, emphasizing the need for a solid workflow with checks to ensure quality control. Closing out the episode is our popular lightning round of questions! For more information, please visit or email us at


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