The Financial Freedom Formula: (C4 + 4P) x V = Freedom

Rise Up. Live Free.

Mar 11 2020 • 44 mins

In the first episode of the podcast, Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad shared how they first met each other. They talked about the immediate connection they all felt, how they were walking the same path and how everything seemed to click. Well, this is one of the results of that clicking.

Introducing the financial freedom formula. To an untrained eye, it may look a little intimidating but once they break it down, you’re going to realize just how simple it actually is. This is the framework that will help you make smart decisions on your way to achieving financial freedom in the next 10 years.

So let’s dig into it, shall we?

Key Takeaways:

  • The great part about the financial freedom formula (2:29)
  • One of the biggest lies of traditional financial planning (4:41)
  • What are "wealth lenses"? (7:56)
  • The first part of the equation: The Core 4 - “C4” (9:28)
  • The second part of the equation: The 4 Pillars - “4P” (20:39)
  • The last part of the equation:  Velocity - “V” (34:01)
  • Jimmy’s “meathead language” breakdown of velocity (37:42)
  • What is the point of the financial freedom formula? (40:31)


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