Anna Brightman On: Passion Behind Humanising Your Brand

Scenes Of Beauty

Aug 24 2022 • 45 mins

This weeks episode is with Anna Brightman, the Co-founder of Up Circle which is a skincare brand that uses upcycled ingredients to deliver high quality skincare.

A really interesting chat with Anna, of course she shares the story of how she and her brother, Will built the brand but we have a really good chat about how they keep Up Circle so real, human and why they share more than just success stories.

I try to have a different approach when it comes to interviewing brand founders, I’m a firm believer of brands being born from people so we dug deep into Anna’s story and background of where her love of beauty came from and interestingly, her passion for makeup.

If you haven’t tried Up Circle’s products I recommend giving them a go. I was initially quite sceptical, especially about coffee as a skincare ingredient but was pleasantly surprised and have continued to use their products.

Listen until the end because Anna gives us some great skincare tips and I ask the simple skincare questions that we’re sometimes too shy to ask.

Up Circle have kindly given the Scenes Of Beauty listeners 20% off their products with code SENSESB20.


  • 20% off entire order
  • Minimum purchase of £15.00
  • One use per customer

What we cover:
Why coffee is good for our skin
How to humanise your brand
Upcycling & sourcing ingredients
Overcoming fear and doubt
Power of makeup
Skincare tips

Here’s her version of beauty…

Up Circle:

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