#2 Mexico: Laurène Maire on bringing better for you products D2C with YEMA

The Global UJ

Sep 23 2020 • 46 mins

Health & what I consume is a very large component of my life & I would think many of you as well. The options available differ wildly between regions & countries. Changing cultural habits & mindsets that have been embedded for generations can be difficult, but Laurene Maire & her team or on a mission to offer Mexico the best products to health conscious consumers at honest prices with their company, YEMA. With a team of industry experts, they have dozens of their own in-house products in their supermarket, spanning food, personal care, and home goods. Laurene is the co-founder and Chief Merchandising Officer, who is an ex-Mckinsey & Wharton MBA alumni. She had also co-founded a successful sleep technology company, called Luuna, which her husband continues to operate as the CEO. If you're ever in Mexico City, you can check out one of YEMA's stores located in La Roma! https://drive.google.com/file/d/19TvLrmf_ZhLJ8WXwPEVcoLXy9ZZFfDTu/view?usp=sharing (Click here for Full Transcription!) Support this podcast