199. 3 Tips to Find Calm in This Chaos

The Game On Girlfriend Podcast

Oct 24 2023 • 11 mins

When things feel so uncomfortable, when the unimaginable is happening, when we feel it’s hard to concentrate, I want to share some things you can do to support yourself.

I want to give you a few things you can do immediately to help you stay on track and feel a little bit better when you’re searching for calm in this chaos.

Tip 1: Move your body: When you are feeling stressed out, move your body. It can feel counterintuitive whether you're mourning, you’re in shock, or you get this urge to pace around the house. It's an interesting phenomenon all throughout our history as humans – people tend to run more in crisis.

It was tracked in a book called Born to Run (https://amzn.to/3S4ADPi). World War II? People start running. The economy takes a turn. People start running. The reason is the need for cortisol and adrenaline to move through the body. That takes water and movement. (And you don’t have to run – you could walk around the house.) It really does help move those chemicals through your system when things feel so unsettling.

Tip 2: No news from social media. We know that we are being micro targeted on social media. (If you don't believe me, DM one of your best friends that you think you're pregnant, and watch how long it takes for pregnancy test ads to show up in your feed. Seconds. Why? Because you're being micro targeted.) The algorithm knows what it needs to do to keep you engaged.

But AI obviously is not human, and it doesn't know if what it's giving you is good for you or bad for you. It just knows what will keep you scrolling. And most of that will tap into your cortisol, your adrenaline, your anxiety, your fears.

The other thing that is so egregious about this is that lies will spread seven times faster than the truth. Get your news from a generalized source; you will probably feel better, and you'll be able to stay informed.

Tip 3: Dive into your purpose: I know some people might think, “That feels so selfish.” I absolutely get it.

I'm going to make a blanket statement: The world is like this because women don't have more money. Women wouldn't treat each other's children like that. We need to be at the tables where decisions are being made. We need to have the influence to change certain events. Chances are you need money to do that.

The more that we scale, and the more we get money in the hands of more women, the less frequently we will see situations like we're all experiencing. What's happening in the world is not a soccer game. There are no sides. There are people. There are people who love. People who care. People who are scared and people who don't know what to do.

Diving into your purpose, whatever that is, makes someone else's day better. The more we have happy, fulfilled, beautiful humans on this planet, the more we will all be able to support those who do not having that experience.

Over the next week here from Team Sarah, you're going to be hearing about our Abundance Academy. If you are feeling the pull, if you are feeling like you are alone, that there is no abundance, that there is only scarcity and fear, I want you to come and join us.

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