211. 3 Easy Tips for Your Sales Conversations with Jamie Gulino Davis

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Jan 16 2024 • 31 mins

So many people start these extraordinary, beautiful businesses, and then they're scared to sell. Today we’ll go over three quick tips you can use in every sales conversation and two things not to do when you book that sales call.

Jamie Gulino Davis is the creator of StandOut Sales, where she teaches high ticket offer conversations, team development, leadership and relationship building. She's curated sales teams that have converted at 70% plus during her seven figure launches and events, and she also specializes in live events and sales strategy.

Jamie has seen sales done in so many ugly ways and people lacking confidence because of the sales experiences that they've had. It is her goal to show people how they can have gorgeous, conversations and really be an instrumental part of someone else's transformation.

But sales conversations are always happening; many business owners will host webinars, post on socials, send emails, and do speaking engagements. If somebody is at your workshop, if somebody is listening to your podcast, if someone is signing up for a consultation with you or a discovery call, they are looking for the services you are providing.

This shouldn't feel awkward or uncomfortable. This should feel like an amazing opportunity to provide that service and help somebody with whatever that transformation is.

“Sales should feel brilliant,” says Jamie. “It should feel beautiful. It should feel transformative. No matter what you're selling, it really is providing somebody with something that they're really in need of.”

Jamie says no matter how much growth she experiences, she’s always going to be vulnerable. She says she is always going to be absolutely honest because she is done seeing the social posts of how fabulous someone's life is. We know what's happening behind the scenes, right? She says it's important to be real and show what it really takes to have a successful business and household.

If you get on calls and they're just not converting, or people aren't buying Jamie has three quick easy tips to try.

1. Build rapport: Whether you're going into a room or going to sales, conversation, workshop, webinar, whatever that is, take 3 to 5 minutes to build rapport. People are longing for connection, but more so than ever, statistically, we're seeing that more touchpoints are needed to convert a sale. People want to have that know, like and trust when it comes to making a purchase.

2. Frame your conversation: This helps anyone that has a hard time showing up as the authority, anyone that has a challenging time talking about the investment of something and anyone that has a challenging time staying on track.

3. Ask the right questions: Give yourself permission to ask the real questions. It will create trust and understanding.

These little tiny tweaks allow yourself to be in the moment during sales conversations and can really increase your confidence.

1. Never laugh or giggle. This tends to happen when people talk about the investment. Practice. It costs $10,000 to work with me. Say it with confidence.

The other place to avoid the laugh or giggle is if someone is sharing something difficult. We often want to cushion discomfort for people. Be thoughtful, take your own breath and just be a beautiful, beautiful listener.

2. Avoid transition words like cool and awesome. If you’re on a sales call people might be talking about their pain points and we tend to say “awesome, cool” because you're transitioning to the next question.

Sales conversations aren't only happening when somebody is booking into your calendar. The truth is, it's happening all the time. Let’s get to it!

Free Gift: Jamie walks you through a vital piece of her S.A.L.E.S. framework [https://jamiegulinodavis.simplero.com/page/290836], which she's used to train sales teams that have converted at 70%+ during 7-figure launches and events.

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