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EP 123 - Rain Pants, Ultras After 50 & Pack Sizes: Q&A
Jan 17 2023
EP 123 - Rain Pants, Ultras After 50 & Pack Sizes: Q&A
On this episode of the podcast, Tayson answers your questions! Be sure to comment below or email us at to hear your questions answered on the next Q&A! Great Outdoor Gear (Support the Podcast): *** List of Questions: - What happened to the first 65 episodes? (YouTube) - would you do an episode on food? - So I’m just curious if y’all know anyone that started doing ultras after they turned 50. I have never had the luxury to do a through hike but I have been backpacking for about 10 years now I started going UL in 2017 so I could pull 25-40 mile days while section hiking KY’s Sheltowee Trace. I also have found that going UL / being a minimalist simplifies the experience making it more enjoyable to me. I don’t UL to be able to boast I do it because I’m old and it allows me to cover more mileage and enjoy the experience more. - Wondering if you all use any kind of footprint under your tents, and if so, what do you use? - Would like to hear your thoughts on the difference between 40° or whatever temperature when the sun is out and shining on you and when it’s overcast or dark at 40°? I’ve definitely noticed there is a difference, even though the temperature stays the same. - Are you looking at manufacturing in US if cost is already so high why not at this point…..??? - Any intentions of making a sleeping bag with the same technology? (as the Nova Jackets) - By the way when will you guys be bringing out the rain pants? - Which hoodie performs the best under this raincoat at around 30 to 40°. Dragon wool, tern, or the altitude hoodie? I couldn’t imagine wearing the ventus hoodie under this raincoat it’s so warm on its own. - What are your thoughts on using in conjunction with the ventus as a layering piece. Is it sized/fitted appropriately for that or would you recommend going up a size? (Vario) - What kind of soap do you launder this jacket in? (Vario) - Do you have the mvtr % of the two different membranes used? (Tushar Rain Jacket) - I’m curious how this would fit a woman (16/17ish torso) when using with the hip belt. I’ve tried other men’s packs and as soon as I do up the hip belt (Since pack rides higher on back and not just hanging from shoulders) the top of the bag sits so high it’s hitting the back of my head with every step almost. There’s only 1 picture on website of a woman wearing it and she’s not using the hip belt to show how high it sits. Can you add more pics of women wearing it in backpacking mode (wearing it with the hip belt fastened)? Or can you make this in a woman’s version (shorter torsos)? (KotaUL) - The real question is: What does angry Dan Becker think? (KotaUL) - Which one would pair best with the ventus hoodie for a thru hike of the AT? (Nova Jackets) - Will you consider making a Dyneema version in the future? (Fortius Tent) - I should probably leave this on iTunes, sorry Joe, lol. My big thing/question is which size pack, 45 or 60 L? My newly wed wife and I will be going backpacking very soon and I thought, “Well, we both have big Agnes q-core deluxes, 2 big Agnes sidewinders, a Jetboil minimal Mimo, and 2 NovaUL, and a dog bed along with a Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 2 person because we have a 25 lb Welsh Pembroke corgi (Penny Lane) in tow. After that it would be a Katadyn, 1 each 1 L smart water bottles. 2 Helinox chair zeros, 2 OV pillows… Some extra undies and socks, and maybe the 2 altitude sun hoodies. Plus food… Some one on another channel said, “between the two of you the 45 should be fine”. Now I have the 45 Kota… and doing a test load out… it was full with… maybe(?) 4-5 inches to spare on the top of the inner area. I did not include the Copper Spur, or even separating the pieces of it, and shoot… strapping the Ruffwear dog sleeping bag to it at the time. Oh God… a bear canister or bag… shoot. Sooooo… if the roll top of the 60 goes far enough down to make it a smaller liter carry, and max weight for both the 45 and 60 is 35 lbs max (though I would think(?) the 60 could handle 5(?) lbs more) than maybe my best bet would be for her and I to each get the 60 liter. Plus future trips… longer hikes… more available storage, just in case. This video and other videos you all have published lately made me think hard about this [...] - Those trekking poles look awesome! Design question: what was the deciding factor to go with foam for handgrips instead of cork? - Thoughts about the Garmin Fenix 6 series of watches? I have heard good things, but they are very expensive. Do any of you upload topo maps to your watch for navigation? - Snowshoes? (talking about retail updates for OV) - Hey great podcast. As you hit on the Garmin inreach mini I was wondering if you were going to do a podcast on the new version the inreach mini2? As well gatorz or Oakley always a solid go to for whatever your needs are. #outdoorvitals #liveultralight #backpackinggear #backpacking #ultralightbackpacking