Fab Life with Lauren & Lee

Lauren Machin-Crane & Lee Peart

Featured in OK Mag and The Sunday Express as their podcast pick of the week.... Fab Life with Lauren and Lee is a weekly podcast covering different topics each week. Join comedian Lee Peart and pin-up model Lauren Machin-Crane as they discuss everything and anything, with lots of laughter and lots of fabulous fun! read less

Our Editor's Take

Fab Life with Lauren & Lee is a podcast filled with laughs and perspective. Funnyman Lee Peart and model Lauren Machin-Crane cohost the show. Each week, the hosts choose a loose theme they try to stick to. This podcast has a lot to discuss, from important questions about the meaning of life to fun questions about cocktails. The two British celebrities describe the show as an “anything and everything” program. Sometimes they talk about Christmas gifting. Other times, they diagnose the latest episode of Love Island. No matter what, Lauren and Lee are fun and focus on feeling fabulous throughout the show.

Where did the Botox trend come from? What is myrrh, anyway? And what are the best Halloween costumes? In some episodes, like “Two Lonely Bananas,” the hosts talk about seasonal parties. They share hangover stories. The Fab Life with Lauren & Lee podcast episodes are unpredictable. But listeners will hear a sublime blend of levity and casual conversation.

Sometimes, Lauren and Lee will feature guests on the Fab Life with Lauren & Lee podcast. Actor David Ames joins the show in one episode to discuss his nine-year-long stint on a TV show. Actress Amy Walsh guests, too, discussing her new role as a mom. From discussions of influencers and the Oscars to tangents about a dream dinner party, this podcast is a fun listen throughout.

The show releases a new episode each week. If these discerning hosts consider it fabulous, they'll talk about it on the show.

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