Gift of the Gab!: Uzma Jafri and Zaiba Hasan

I'm A Muslim (And That's Okay!)

Sep 10 2021 • 38 mins

This week I bring you a brand new segment called "Gift of the Gab!".
I've noticed that a lot of times people are not sure how to have good, solid, eye-opening conversations with other people. With this segment I hope to encourage thought provoking discussions and bring to light unique insights through my guests!

And what better first guests than fellow podcasters! This week I'll be having my conversation with co-hosts of the podcast, Mommying While Muslim, Uzma Jafri and Zaiba Hasan!

So join me as I get to the nitty-gritty of what makes them who they are and why are they so dedicated to forging change through their podcast.

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