Episode 53- Terrorvision

Queens of NC-17

Sep 24 2017 • 1 hr 12 mins

[[:encoded, "WARNING: FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. UNDER 17 REQUIRES ADULT SUPERVISION.\n\nThis week the ladies go to Kennywood and then get a little wild for the sake of Eanna's sex life. The Queens also review Terrorvision (1986) and then they give some great advice sort of! \n\nStay tuned and stay nasty! \n\nEMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS TO: QueensOfNC17@gmail.com\n\nInstagram: QueensOfNC17\nWebsite: queensofnc17.com\nMusic by: TOBACCO (@tobaxxo)\nProduced by: Jon Towers of The Abracast"]]

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