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EP : 024 Closing the Achievement Gap. Action Research Report
Feb 17 2016
EP : 024 Closing the Achievement Gap. Action Research Report
In this episode of The Edvice Podcast your host Steven Bauer reports on action research completed as it relates to closing the achievement gap. Sources: Edwards, J. (2009). Physical activity and test anxiety. School Science and Mathematics, 109, 5-6. Escobar-Chaves, S., & Anderson, C. (2008). Media and risky behaviors. The Future Of Children / Center For The Future Of Children, The David And Lucile Packard Foundation, 18(1), 147-180. Fryer, R. G., & Levitt, S. D. (2004). Understanding the Black-White test score gap in first two years of school. The Review of Economics and Statistics, 86, 447-464. Haskins, R., & Rouse, C. (2005). Closing achievement gaps. The Future of Children, Retrieved                    from Huebner, E. S., Gilman, R., Reschly, A. L., & Hall, R. (2009). Positive Schools. In S. J. Lopez & C. R. Snyder (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology (pp. 561-568). 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Kaplan, A., & Maehr, M. L. (1999). Enhancing the Motivation of African American Students: An Achievement Goal Theory Perspective. Journal Of Negro Education, 68(1), 23-41. Lahelma, E. (2002). School is for meeting friends: secondary school as lived and remembered. British Journal of Sociology of Education, 23 (39), 367-381. Majors, R. (1992). Cool pose: The dilemmas of black manhood in America. New York: Lexington Books. Neuman, S. B., & Dwyer, J. (2009). Missing in Action: Vocabulary Instruction in Pre-K. Reading Teacher, 62(5), 384-392. Raths, J., & McIninch, A.C. (2003). Teacher beliefs and classroom performance: The impact of teacher education. Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing.  Taniguchi, H. (2005). The influence of age at degree completion on college wage premiums. Research In Higher Education 46, 861-881. Walls, R. T., Sperling, R. A., & Weber, K. D. (2001). Autobiographical memory of school. The Journal of Educational Research, 95 (23), 116-127.