Episode 14 – Why Green Hushing is Just as Bad as Green Washing with Natalie Welch

Earth Your While

Nov 15 2023 • 50 mins

Natalie Welch, the owner and co-founder of The Typeface Group joins Jack and Ellie in this episode.

The Typeface Group is a B Corp agency and design studio specialising in simplifying communications and supporting marketing teams within the housing, clean energy, and construction sectors. Natalie is not only a TED X speaker but also a strong female competitor, Vice Chair of the Hampshire FA Inclusion Advisory Board, and an Ambassador for St. Michael’s Hospice.

The podcast delves into the significance of authentic labels and the need for substantial actions. They also discuss the impact of taking small, actionable steps to minimise one's digital carbon footprint.

Topics covered include:

🎙️ Embracing authenticity

🎙️ Fostering a non-judgmental environment

🎙️ Creating a 'family-first' approach in business

🎙️ Addressing the issue of green hushing

🎙️ Mitigating digital carbon wastage

🎙️ Contributing to a kinder world

Music by Stock_Studio from Pixabay.