Episode 12 – Even a Small Thing Can Make the Biggest Difference with Rebecca Honeywell-Ward

Earth Your While

Nov 1 2023 • 44 mins

Rebecca Honeywell-Ward, Founder of Honeywell Bakes joins us this week. They are a UK-based, B Corp Certified personalised biscuit company that spreads joy through their love of baking. They firmly believe in being good to each other and the planet.

In this episode, Jack and Ellie discuss with Rebecca the value of businesses being open and transparent about how they operate and her journey in trying to grow Honeywell Bakes the right way.

Topics covered include:

🎙️ Accidentally starting a company

🎙️ Going through the B Corp certification process

🎙️ Doing business with the planet in mind

🎙️ Building a culture with a conscience

🎙️ Partnering with 1% for the Planet

🎙️ The difficulties in being completely sustainable

Music by Stock_Studio from Pixabay.