Episode 6 - "Single Use is Over!" with Phillip Kalli

Earth Your While

Mar 8 2023 • 51 mins

This week we chat to Phillip Kalli, MD at Fill Refill Co, refill revolutionist and all round nice guy!

Fill Refill Co are on a mission to prove that single use packaging is over with their range of refillable eco laundry and household cleaning products. Their products look cool, work great and reduce packaging waste. 🙌

They are B Corp certified and a member of 1% for the Planet. These guys are truly committed to accountability, collaboration and doing better for people and planet. 💚

Listen in to find out…

🎙️ Phillip’s story.

🎙️ Building a company culture.

🎙️ Working with family.

🎙️ Zero waste stores and creating a community of like-minded businesses.

🎙️ ‘Paying the planet’ for the resources we use.

🎙️ Changing our habits.

🎙️ The power of small businesses.

Music by Stock_Studio from Pixabay.