Episode 8 - “We can’t offset our way out of the climate emergency” with Tim Maiden

Earth Your While

Mar 23 2023 • 52 mins

This week we chat to Tim Maiden, Founder of Green Small Business. He’s on a mission to help businesses reduce their carbon footprints in a way that is authentic and impactful while helping them avoid greenwash at all costs.

Tim has been an environmental consultant for over 2 decades, advising governments, other public bodies and businesses on energy, waste and climate change.

Listen in to find out…

🎙️ Tim’s story.

🎙️ How to measure your carbon footprint as an SME.

🎙️ Taking action on your environmental impact.

🎙️ Carbon offsetting.

🎙️ Greenwash.

🎙️ Carbon neutral versus net zero.

🎙️ Investing in carbon reduction projects or ‘cheating’, but in a good way.

🎙️ The growth of environmentally conscious businesses.

Music by Stock_Studio from Pixabay.