Episode 7 - “#SToP Wasting Food” with Adam Smith

Earth Your While

Mar 15 2023 • 1 hr 19 mins

This week we chat to Adam Smith, Co-founder and CEO of Surplus to Purpose. He’s on a mission to stop food waste and highlight the environmental issues created by surplus food.

To date he’s diverted over 8,000 tons of surplus food away from landfill and provided over 19 million meals.

A professional chef for over 10 years, it was in Australia that Adam first witnessed the scale of food waste, agriculturally and within the catering industry. He returned to the UK on a mission to ‘feed bellies not bins’ and set up an environmental enterprise to intercept surplus food destined for the waste stream.

Listen in to find out…

🎙️ Adam’s story.

🎙️ How much food is really wasted globally each year?

🎙️ How you can help intercept surplus food.

🎙️ Food waste weddings and freeganism.

🎙️ Teaching children to grow and cook their own food in schools.

🎙️ Community gardens – the greatest form of activism.

🎙️ Learning to ‘let go’ and remember what’s important to be a better leader.

🎙️ Choosing to be part of the solution.

Music by Stock_Studio from Pixabay.