Casting the Net and Hooking New Clients: Marketing as a Psychotherapist in the Healing Arts Profession

Therapists Off Script

Mar 13 2023 ÔÇó 49 mins

Join Jen & Alyx as we discuss all things marketing as a psychotherapist ­čśŐ

There is a plethora of things to consider within marketing.  Alyx and Jen discuss the following marketing topics from the base of California including:

  • Marketing Skills
  • Filling up practice client caseload
  • Good happens in ripples
  • Brainstorming sources
  • Authentic Marketing
  • Marketing across different practice settings
  • Insurance versus self-pay client considerations
  • Reframing marketing skills as a provider of mental health
  • Getting your voice out there so clients may find you
  • Individualizing marketing that works for you
  • STEEPLE / PESTEL Business Analysis
  • Importance of keeping finger on the pulse
  • Hot Topic Marketing
  • Build each other up: colleague cross referrals
  • Tailoring Seasonal Marketing
  • Harnessing Social Media Platforms for Marketing
  • Abundance versus Scarcity Mindset
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Podcasting, Blogging, and Bios
  • Ideal Client Avatars (The Who)
  • Niche(s) (The What)
  • Speaking to Pain Points and Calls to Action
  • Painting a Picture (the narrative of bios)
  • Setting Client Expectations
  • Therapist and Client Matching
  • The client meets you before they meet you (importance of marketing)
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Advertising Parameters
  • Generalist versus Specialist
  • How to cast the net
  • Cold Calling versus Organic Marketing
  • Offering Courses and Trainings
  • Email Lists
  • Funnels
  • Filtering Unsubscribe Emails via Google Gmail
  • Harnessing Technology

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Resources Mentioned:
Good Therapy
Therapy Den
Inclusive Therapist
Mental Health Match
Online Therapy Directory
Amber Lyda
Audrey Schoen
California BBS Advertising Guidelines
Dr. Ben Caldwell Advertising Reminders

Music by Thunderbird Ooyy via Epidemic
Therapists Off Script

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