Ep.#39:17+ years dedicated to the nexus of climate tech Meet Christina, Partner @ Congruent Ventures

The Tech 4 Climate Podcast

Mar 24 2022 • 32 mins

The VC firm which is supporting the companies that will positively

impact how we move, create, eat, & live. Meet Christina O’Conor,

Partner @ Congruent Ventures

Ep.#39 Christina O’Conor, Partner @ Congruent Ventures - Tech4Climate

Podcast by Startup basecamp

PART 1: Meet the investor

In today’s episode, we are speaking with Christina O’Conor, Partner @

Congruent Ventures. Congruent Ventures, who last year closed their

second fund of $175M, are helping create the climate startups that will

“positively impact how we move, create, eat, and live.” Their focus

areas are early-stage startups working in Mobility & Urbanization,

The Energy Transition, Food & Agriculture and Sutainable Production

& Consumption.

I was excited to have Christina on the show, a “climate-obsessed”

individual who has spent 17 years dedicated to the nexus of climate tech

and finance. Prior to joining Congruent Ventures, Christina was one of

the early employees at the UN’s PRI (Principles for Responsible

Investment), which is currently the largest, global initiative for

mainstreaming ESG issues into investment decision-making & ownership

practices. Following this, Christina was head of ESG and sustainable

development at Wellington Management, where she gained experience

identifying feasible climate solutions.

In this episode, Christina will share her view of the US climate tech

ecosystem, the climate innovation pockets around the world which are

ahead of the US, and the funding gap for early-stage founders. Then, she

will discuss the framework they create with founders of different

metrics they can track related to their core KPI’s.

Together, we will go on to explore the climate tech sectors with

promising impact/cash returns and the areas she believes has exciting

potential for investments, growth, and impact. Following that, Christina

will share her view on the climate crisis today, why sales channels and

business models are important, and how you can be involved with

Congruent Ventures today.

Part 2: My secret sauce:

In the second part of the show, Christina will give her secret sauce for

founders looking to pich to investors successfully and share why it is

important to love what you do. Lastly, Christina will cover how she

tackles challenges to maintain a healthy work-life balance and share a

few inspiring reads for climate tech founders.


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