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Our Editor's Take

The hosts of the podcast Elvis Duran Presents: Celebrity Buzz like to think that they're providing a public service. Garrett Vogel and Rob Shuter offer their listeners a weekly dose of celebrity gossip. It's a 20-minute condensed summary of everything interesting happening in Hollywood and entertainment.

The way the hosts help their audience is by keeping them informed. Thanks to the podcast, people don't have to waste time scrolling through news outlets. So when Laura from accounting asks if they heard about what Kanye did, they can say yes. When they see Jerry by the water cooler, they can have topics for small talk. Garrett and Rob do the hard work of reading all the celebrity news so their listeners don't have to.

The hosts of Elvis Duran Presents: Celebrity Buzz have years of practice. When it comes to Hollywood news, they are seasoned pros. Garrett started his career before he even finished college. That's because Elvis Duran hired him for his radio show. Garrett became popular on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show thanks to his hilarious prank calls. But he also had a main role in interviewing celebrities like Brad Pitt and attending gala events. His success on this show led him to start his own podcast, along with Rob as cohost. Elvis produces the podcast and has his name in the title.

Rob has an even longer history in the business. The Brit started in PR, representing clients like Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson. In 2007, he became the executive editor of OK! Magazine, and was responsible for its growth in popularity. He had a TV show on VH1 named The Gossip Table and even had a talk show, Naughty But Nice With Rob. He also hosts the Naughty But Nice with Rob Shuter podcast and runs the website Naughty Gossip.

The hosts relish talking about celebrities. Their passion is contagious. So Elvis Duran Presents: Celebrity Buzz is always exciting. They have opinions about Real Housewives drama and Oscar nominations. They're giddy discussing Taylor Swift's latest breakup and Harry and Meghan's marriage struggles. New episodes drop each week.

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