136 – We’re Mad as Hell and we’re not going to take Covid-19 shutdowns anymore

Thru The Gathering Storm

May 15 2020 • 5 mins

Mad as Hell

Chaplain R.T. Byrum at work spreading the word about Godly wisdom.

Chaplain Byrum quotes from the 1976 film, Network, when he says, WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!! That is the increasingly intensive feeling of freedom loving American citizens who have never before experienced the heavy-handed techniques of a government out of control. During the three plus years of the Trump administration, the U.S. chalked up the lowest unemployment numbers, the highest numbers of people working, multiple records broken in stock market gains, reduction in crime, booming industry and the beat went on until…Covid19 and the democratic socialist movement. How long will America and the world endure this unprecedented disaster?

Listen to episode 136 and discover more about the true damage being done to our country by the Covid-19 pandemic