130 – The Remarkable Book of Mark

Thru The Gathering Storm

Oct 18 2019 • 29 mins

Chaplain R.T. Byrum at work spreading the word about Godly wisdom.

Episode 130 of the Thru The Gathering Storm Podcast will feature a program about the remarkable Book of Mark.

Chapter 7 of the remarkable Book of Mark continues his recording of events in the region called Galilee.

Jesus continues to whittle away at the orthodox tradition of legalism.

Word by word and deed by deed His teaching and actions introduce what we know as the New Testament, and at the same time, jealousy and anger grows among the synagogue leaders as their unauthorized power is being stripped away.

His own power is revealed by casting out a demon and healing a deaf mute man. Most shocking is Jesus making ALL foods clean.

Listen to episode 130 and discover more about the remarkable Book of Mark.